Junaluska School    1921
The building was also used as a church. My parents, Basha Taylor and Lawton Hicks were married there. The buildng was located on a one-acre lot on Upper Junaluska Road at the entrance to Jess and Culla Hicks Mathis property.
On the left: Robert Barker, teacher. He boarded with Memory Taylor during the school term. He later became a well-known Baptist minister. Behind the bench, left to right: Dan White, Willie Belle White, Cora Hicks, Monnie White and Tom Emery. Standing in front: Fred White, Kermit Taylor, Lola Emery, Ona Bryant, Culla Mae Hicks, Ethel White.
Tom and Lola Emery were the children of Verlie White Emery.
Dan, Ethel and Monnie White were children of Will and Zora Stephens White.
Cora and Cullie Mae Hicks were children of Jim and Maggie Hoyle Hicks.
Kermit Taylor was the son of   Memory and Emer Stephens Taylor. Kermit  and Cora Hicks were married March 21, 1930.
Lawton Hicks and Basha Taylor were married  in this building on Sept. 21, 1919. Their first  child, James (Bud) Hicks attended the first grade here, then went  to Lower Junaluska School.

Junaluska Creek
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This is a picture of both my grandfathers, my brothers & uncles at a cider press. I was absolutely thrilled with it when I scanned it in, enlarged it & saw the old jugs & the details. It is a treasure!

They are, left to right:
Lewis Hicks, brother
Elden Hicks, uncle
Aston Hicks, uncle
Grandfather Jim Hicks
Grandfather Memory (Mem) Taylor
James (Bud) Hicks, oldest brother
Ivane (Sweetie) Hicks, brother

Joel Lawton Hicks as a young man.
Kermit Taylor, brother of Basha Taylor Hicks and Lizzie  Taylor White.
Son of Memory and Emer Stephens Taylor, was married to Cora  Hicks.
They had 2 children,  Lawson "Tooter" Taylor and Edith Harriett  Taylor Lambert.
Kermit was drowned in the river below where Nantahala Dam now is, about 1937.
Wife of James Thomas Taylor 2/17/1847-11/1/17 Married August 25, 1872 in Towns Co. Ga. James Thomas died in 1910.
She is belieed to be a full Cherokee Indian. Their children are Bill, Jim, Pete (Manuel), Kope Elias, Memory Allen, Delia Ann, Martha Annis
Daughter of Mary Ann Burch and James Thomas Taylor. She married Daniel Harlan Lowe 10/5/1903 by D.H.Howard of Aquone, Macon County, NC. They are buried in Unico Cemetery, Telico Plains, Monroe County, TN. Daniel Harlan Lowe was born 3/20/1876,the son of Susan Ridley and William Lowe. Their children are:
Alice Talma, Edith Louise, William Ralph, Paul Wesley, Ellen Elizabeth, Walter Allen, Virgil Edwin, Clifford Wade, Nellie Marie, Theodore Frank.
This is Hadley Morgan standing by Lawton Hicks' car.
Will & Zora White are the parents of Dan, Ethel, Monnie, Arvil & Arnold White. There may be others I don't remember. Dan lived on Nantahala (Aquone).
Zora Stephens White is a sister to my grandmother, Emma Stephens Taylor