Photo taken on Armistice Day, November 11,1920
  First row;Royal Rowland,Roby Rowland,Earl Ray,unknown,Lonnie Bryant,Rowland boy,unknown,unknown,
Ruby Mason,Dexie Pendergrass,Lallie Bateman,Annie Savage Neal(tall girl holding hat),Maude Lunsford Davis,DoshieLunsford Haney (little girl in front),Pearl Willis Moore,Elda Neal Bateman,Maggie Baldwin,Lillie Davis,Thelma Baldwin(holding hat),Leonard Bryant,the others in front row unknown.
Back row:Sandy Davis,Luther Haney, unknown,Nina Jones(girl with toboggan),Fannie Roper(in brimmed hat),Cal Jones(holding dog),Maude Willis(tall girl wearing togoggan)Louise Nichols(girl with head band on),Charlie Neal(man with hat and tie),Lawrence Liner(teacher next tall hatless man),Middle row center of picture:FlossieMason(womanwith dark brimmed hat holding baby),Edna Pendergrass(woman wearing toboggan holding baby),Roy Nichols (man in trooper hat),others unknown.Under window Jane Rowland Neal(wearing hat),Eunice Wright Jacobs (wearing hat with flowers) others unknown.
On steps:Tavie Wood,unknown,2nd step:Mitch Hicks(old man)and wife Minta Hicks,Lillie Hicks,Hattie Baldwin.3rd step:Jane Evans(leaning on door jam with darkhat on),Mae Wood Evans holding son Carl,Lena Lunsford.Top step:Bill Wishon (man with band on head) others unknown.
Some of Kyle HEROS Home From WWII                                             
Kyle School
About 1937-38
School at the Muster Grounds
(Below the Dam).
1st Row
Matthew Rowland
Mark Haney
George Bird
James Bryant
John Cope
Charlie reed
Croft Haney
Harve Rowland

2nd Row
George Pendergrass
Harley Rowland
Henry Wood
Miles Pendergrass
Charlie Jacobs
Buck Baldwin
Ben Cope
Warren Waters
Bill Neal
Wayne Jones
Luther Rowland's  store
          Kyle NC
        About 1925
Sandy Davis
Astor Solesbee
Jim Neal
Roy Nickols
Joe Wright
  Front.I_R:.(?).Chambers,Lawson Crawford,Jess Crowers,Troy Smith,Julius Morgan, Dallas Rowland,Albert Evans,
Floyd Pendergrass,
  Second row::Lyle Baldwin,Joe Wright,Clyde Allen,Hugh Wright,Grady Cope,(Behind Grady) Mac Allen,Frank Shields,Carson Medford, the cook,Gene Chastine,Clell Phillips ,Harvey Haney, Dennis Yonce,.
Behind Harvey is..Ozz Yonce & Sandy Davis..
  Third row:::;Walt Roper,Emmit Shieds,John Cope,Claude Pendergrass,CL Pendergrass,( ?Don Owenby),Shirden Evans,Clyde Morgan, Arthur Hicks,Carrol Pendergrass,Fred Davis,Edgar Hicks,Harley Pendergrass,Vince Jones;;
White Oak Lodge
                Kyle NC
(Hall's House
built  1935-1936)
Picture about 1905
Early 1900
Jess Crowser
  Band Mill
   Kyle NC
Bandmill Employees
The Folks could
work on road or
pay a road tax,
These Men chose
to work on road.
Back Row: Frank Hembree,
J D  Yonce,Cloe Baldwin,
( ? ),Earl Baldwin,Bob Wood,
2nd.Row:(?),(?),Tom Pendergrass, (?),(?),(?),
Setting: Gene Yonce,(?),(?),
(?),(?),(?),Ray Davis
Setting:Janie Neal, Betty Duvall,(?),(?),(?),(?),
Standing: (?),Syretta Jacobs,Paul Yonce,Shelby Nelson,(?),
Clyde Pendergrass,Remus Clark,Billy Rowland, Jim Solesbee,
Billy Medford,
On Steps:(?),Lala Mar Ferguson,(?)
Back row:Jim Bryant, James Bateman, (Teacher)Mr. Tally.

               Teacher: Mr.Ed Carpenter                         
Billy Medford, Paul Long, Betty Owenby, Jessie Jacobs,
Paul Bryant, Bob Daves, Cleta Taylor, Phyllis Rowland,


Joe Wright
Arve Neal
Charlie Neal
2nd.row from back,7th.person,Fannie Roper
Martin Children in front..
The Old Swimming Hole
Nantahala River, near the mouth of Wine Spring Creek.
Man with arms folded:Floyd Deweess,Bill Wood, Jack Wood,
Jim Wood, Bob Wood, (not sure about others).
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Ozz Yonce
Mr. & Mrs. D.A. Yonce
  Ozz,  George, and Harley  Yonce

World War One
Kyle School  
Gene, Carl (baby), JD, Bill
Standing; Harold and Paul.
Children of
Ozz Yonce
       Kyle School 
About; 1939 - 1940
Ruth             Alba         Gay        Myrtle    Dorthy
Yonce          Yonce       Yonce    Yonce    Yonce
Solesbee      Rowland                 Allen      Waters

     Nora, Horace
       Jim,  Paul
  Mark, Burdell, Elda
     Gene,  Charlie
Photo courtesy of
Burdell Bryant Church

Photo courtesy of
JD and Dot Yonce
Children of
Harley Yonce
Back Row;(??),Nell Duvall, Nell Yonce, Mildred Medford, RL Roper, Dick Baldwin, (??), Robert Lunsford, Gene Yonce, Jimmy Mason, Wayne Dewesse,
Front; Edith Willis, (??), Betty Pendergrass, Francis Clark, Willard Haney, (??), Herbert Bateman...
"Depatment of Transportation KYLE,NC"
Kyle  North Carolina
Families  of  Kyle  NC
William (Bill) & Hattie Jacobs Baldwin
Childern; Front; Lee, Lillie, Lyle, In back; Baz
Picture curtesy of
Otelia Baldwin
Farming in Kyle
Jack and Old Red
Jack and Lillie
Jack and Oscar
Andrew Jackson Evans        Amanda Rowland Evans
Joseph Evans                 Ellen Haney Evans
Back Row; Cline, Lora, Opal, Andrew
Front: Ralph, Lucy, Nellie, Walter
Cline, Beulah, Lora and Opal (Baby in lap)
Opal Evans Dills
Cline Evans
Evans and Rowland
Photos Curtesy of
Joann Dills Gregory
Baptizing in White Oak Creek.. 1944
Amanda Rowland Evans
Hugh Rowland and  Haseltine Rowland Renner
                                      ( AUNT TINE )
Harve Rowland
F- Jane Rowland Roper and Robert Roper
B-  Lawrence Roper & Wife
           (Their Wedding Day)
Harley Rowland, Nora Morgan Rowland
Jane Rowland Neal, Dallas Rowland & Royal Rowland
             (Girl in back is Nora's Sister)
Edna, Nellie and Annabell
(Daughters of Jane & Robert Roper)
Mary Polly Rowland and
Haseltine (Tinney) Rowland  Renner
Jane Rowland Roper
Jane Rowland Roper and Robert Roper
Lola, Edna and Annabell  
Jane and Robert Roper, Edna on Jane's lap, sons Ralph and Paul, and Eunice Wright  in the back

Jane, Paul, Ralph and Robert Roper ( In Oklahoma )