School Days 1938-39
Tommy 3 Years old, David 16 Months
Brenda, Judy, James and Howell  Jacobs
Dallas Rowland with A load of  Chesnut Bark.("Tan Bark")                             Headed for Andrews
Photo Courtesy of
Gary Roper

Mary Bryant
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This was made when Tommy was about 6 weeks old. August 1953. I was 17 at the time. I was so proud of him then and still am!!
Mary & Tom Bryant
Standing: Rob Yonce, Warren G.Eller, Royal Rowland, Andrew Evans,
Setting: Mag Wilson, Maude Haney..
Wayah Bald
Fire Tower
Faye Jacobs
This is Tommy, me and my son David. It was made at the farm cabin
in November when I was back there.
Mary Bryant